Bcd (Business Cooperation Database) е централизирана база данни за

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BCD (Business Cooperation Database) е централизирана база данни за обмен на предложения за бизнес сътрудничество на мрежата Enterprise Europe Network. Чрез нея контактните точки на мрежата от всички държави обменят информация и разпространяват оферти за бизнес сътрудничество.

За да получите координати на фирмата, подала офертата, е нужно да попълните приложения формуляр за проявен интерес и да го изпратите на e-mail адрес: een@pcci.bg или факс: 032 908988, 908999.

1. BCD ID20120213014

A Czech company specialized in supplying ofindustrial technologies, components and spare parts offers its trade intermediary services in the area of automotive, engineering, energetics, glass, food and petrochemical industries.
2. BCD ID20120213025

Romanian company specialized in raising poultry for eggs and meat is interested in finding foreign distributors for its products.

3. BCD ID20120213036

Romanian company specialized in growth and selling of cereal (especially corn) is interested in finding distributors for the annual corn production.

4. BCD ID20120213041

Romanian company, specialized in design and installation of electric power equipment, systems and networks for industrial and public buildings, offers its services as a subcontractor for partners in UE countries, Serbia and Ukraine. Also, the company is offering trade intermediary services for Russian electric power equipment manufacturers.

5. BCD ID20120213049

A South East of Romania based international forwarders and transport broker is looking for transport/logistics cooperation from UE countries and Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and Moldova.

6. BCD ID20120213055

A small Polish company dealing with metal treatment and manufacturing of elements for hydraulics systems is looking for reciprocal production and offers itself for subcontracting activities.

7. BCD ID20120213058

A small Polish company dealing with hydraulics systems for trucks (assembling, disassembling services and repairing) is looking for subcontracting activities.

8. BCD ID20120214002

A Lithuanian company is manufacturing orthopedic items (splits, corsets, footwear inserts, orthopedic footwear and inserts, limb prosthetics, occupational therapy, care measures) is looking for and is offering trade intermediary services. The company is also offering reciprocal production.

9. BCD ID20120214014

French computer engineering company provides IT solutions for global infrastructure management: real-time monitoring, information system back-end management. The solution mixes live monitoring and accounting information management and provide real-time summary of the business activities' status.The company is looking for trade intermediary services, reciproqual production and subcontracting.

10. BCD ID20120214017

A Polish company active on the market since 1994 is specialising in aluminium machining. The company is manufacturer of aluminium components and constructions according to the partners' individual specifications. The company is also offering a wide range of aluminium service and fabrication such as: welding, punching, machining, bending and finishing. The company is offering its production possibilities and is looking for cooperation partners from abroad. The company would like to act as subcontractor.

11. BCD ID20120214021

A Polish aluminium-glass faade and aluminium doors and windows manufacturer is looking for partners from abroad and is offering itself as subcontractor to large general contractors of public utility objects and industrial buildings (skyscrapers, offices, shopping centres, etc.).

12. BCD ID20120214024

A Polish company is aluminium-glass faade and aluminium windows/doors manufacturer. The company offer production works (machining) for those partners that need to improve their products or need to produce more elements in short period of time in case of running big project. The company is looking for partners from abroad and is offering itself as subcontractor.

13. BCD ID20120214033

French company offering a wide range of quality gourmet end fine food products from the South of France is looking for importers and wholesalers. The company offers sweet and salty recipes combining tradition and excellent ingredients with small scale cooking: fruit and flower delicatessen, fine food preserves etc.

14. BCD ID20120214037

A Belgian SME has developed an innovative solution for providing translation services for multilateral meetings and international conferences.The company would like to establish a privileged partnerhip with a high-school or university specialized in language training in order to market its solution.

15. BCD ID20120215005

A Polish company operating on construction market is carrying out general contractor, project and financial works. The company is looking for various kinds of cooperation: trade intermediary services, requiring franchise possibilities, requiring reciprocal production possibilities and offering/requiring subcontracting/outsourcing activities.

16. BCD ID20120215015

A Czech company specialized in manufacturing stoves and CNC metal-work processing is looking for commercial cooperation partners and offers to be a subcontractor.

17. BCD ID20120216011

Swedish company specialized in garden design is looking for manufacturer of womens clothes (clothes for working with garden design).

18. BCD ID20120217038

A Polish retailer and wholesaler, supplying hotels with textiles, is interested in collaboration with manufacturers of home and hotel textiles. The company considers joint venture and seeks an agent. They also offer distribution of their products.

19. BCD ID20120217044

A medium-sized Polish company from textile sector specializing in sewing complex and sophisticated garments made of knitted fabrics offers subcontracting activities.

20. BCD ID20120220001

A Lithuanian company, manufacturing natural food supplements of magnesium and potassium in drinking form, is looking for trade intermediary services and offers subcontracting/outsourcing activities.

21. BCD ID20120220019

A Polish company, present on the market since 1999, specialized in furniture sector offers its trade intermediary services on Polish market.

22. BCD ID20120220022

A Polish company specializing in casts of iron and aluminum is looking for distributors / agents interested in representation in the EU. The company also offers subcontracting in this field.

23. BCD ID20120221021

A Polish company, which is producing and selling touristic articles is looking for trade intermediary services (mainly distributors) in EU countries and Serbia, Iceland and Switzerland.

24. BCD ID20120221029

A Polish company is a manufacturer of its own scaffolding systems and a system of tent halls. It is offering trade intermediary services to companies producing similar scaffolding and magazine tents products and is offering/requiring joint venture possibilities.

25. BCD ID20120221037

A Polish company is a aluminium-glass facade manufacturer and a producer of top quality aluminium windows and doors. The company is looking for partners from abroad and is offering itself as subcontractor of aluminium-glass facade to large general contractors of public utility objects and industrial buildings (skyscrapers, offices, shopping centres, etc.). The company is offering also transport and logistics of its products.

26. BCD ID20120222007

A Polish company that specializes in cutting pipes on automatic lathe, mandrel bending (fi 76), MIG/MAG welding, chamber sand-blast cleaning and spray painting is offering subcontracting and outsourcing services.

27. BCD ID20120224012

A Lithuanian company specialized in trade of chemical materials and technical gases and production of chemical materials is looking for joint venture partners, and offers transport/logistic, subcontracting/outsourcing partnership.

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